Working with our partners at Lime Risk Agency we provide a range of insurance-based credit, capital and funding solutions. Our approach applies insurance technology in a manner which is bespoke to the needs and risks of our clients.

These solutions may include insurance to reduce the credit risk of the lender or end investor or to optimise the capital treatment of their asset exposure.

Applying our expertise in risk, credit ratings, structuring and insurance, we can implement solutions to improve the efficiency of portfolio sales through the elimination of buy-back risk or to optimise the economics of securitisation structures.

For real estate or renewable energy transactions, our solutions enable more efficient use of capital or elimination of income interruption.

Our risk solutions include:

  • UK mortgage indemnity insurance
  • Netherlands mortgage indemnity/NHG alternative insurance
  • Rep & warranty wraps
  • Title and other contingent insurances
  • Renewable energy re-commissioning cover
  • CRE rent interruption wraps