portfolio take-on

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Home Funding have extensive experience in creating and managing successful insourced and outsourced mortgage origination and administration operations.

We will help you find the right solution for your business. The optimum solution varies from organisation to organisation based on their situation and a number of factors including; business plan; budget; risk appetite; experience; and many more. Our experience suggests that a model which incorporates a mix of insourced and outsourced operations can deliver the right balance between control and cost. Home Funding helps you decide on the right options and helps with partner selection and negotiation of contracts to achieve your final goal.

Portfolio Take-on (Transfer to Third Party Administrator Following Asset Purchase)

Following the successful acquisition of a mortgage portfolio, the mortgage book will need to be transferred from the Seller to the Lenders’ (or Lenders’ Third Party Administrators’) systems. Home Funding will oversee this process and support the Lender through this process and make decisions (or recommend decisions) to enable successful transfer. We will review existing policies, strategies and processes to ensure they meet your requirements agreeing changes where required.