master servicing

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As Master Servicer, Home Funding ensures Primary Servicers are applying agreed policies and processes within agreed service levels as well as acting as a main point of contact for Ratings Agencies and Investors who rely on the Master Servicer to manage and report performance.

Assistance selecting the right Primary Servicer

Whilst Home Funding does not provide services associated with a Primary Servicer we are able to offer due diligence services and assist partners with selection of the right Primary Servicer for their needs. We will also assist with negotiation of services and related charges if required.

Our team has vast experience in this area and we offer a comprehensive range of services including

  • definition of policies, strategies and processes reflecting regulatory
  • compliance, partner attitude to risk and ‘best practice’
  • documentation of contracts reflecting responsibilities of the various parties including Primary, Master and Special Servicers

all in addition to

  • reporting performance of the portfolio and parties via the provision of bespoke Management Information (including all contractual investor reporting and remittance instructions) and structured, documented Governance meetings
  • monitoring and managing compliance with agreed contracts, policies, strategies, and processes.