due diligence

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Home Funding’s approach to due diligence is to individually tailor due diligence exercises to reflect partner attitude to risk and all of the factors our experience shows are key to accurately identify the risks and opportunities inherent in each portfolio.

It will include:

  • recommending a ‘selected case’ underwriting review sample based on perceived risk
  • re-underwriting of selected case files (by experienced underwriters) to assess fit with documented lending policy and criteria
  • comment on lending policy, criteria and products including suitability for the market at the time of lending and risks in current and projected market
  • comment on underwriting policy and practice (e.g. including valuation process, distribution strategy etc.)
  • comment on completion and post completion processes focussing on those affecting lending and security
  • comment on originator/seller based on market experience and portfolio analysis
  • data analysis using data from both application and administration systems, and case file review results with comment and recommendation
  • comment and recommendation to support negotiation with the Seller regarding exclusions, pricing etc. Home Funding have significant experience in this field and will participate in such negotiations if required.