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HFL has partnered intermediaries to incorporate the benefits of sharing lender product pricing models and returns. This has been unique to the markets and has benefited both intermediary and lender by aligning interests thus to ensure longer term profitability.

As a model this has worked extremely effectively and HFL are looking forward to taking to a wider market. We would be most interested to explain how this could work for you.

"Working with HFL is truly inspirational. Of course, the service is good but HFL offer so much more. Their unique approach really embeds financial value into our business. They understand our goals and their emphasis on a partnership approach enables us to jointly come up with some market leading products that complement and improve our range."
David Whittaker  Mortgages for Business

"The service we receive from Home Funding is excellent. It is so refreshing to be able to pick up a phone and have complex discussions about bespoke cases with a team that really understand the broker market."
Simon Jones, Savills Private Finance

"HFL’s proposition is distinctive in the market, and unlike anything else we have seen. The introduction of their product pricing model makes the pricing of products transparent and this makes dealing with the lender both a positive and profitable experience."
Walter Avrili, John Charcol