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Home Funding is a risk advisory and strategic consultancy business operated by Tony Ward and Simon Collingridge.

Home Funding are experts in debt advisory, structured finance, risk solutions and mortgage lending strategies across Europe.






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26th February 2018

Things are better than expected. Time to put up rates!

So we have accelerating wage growth and productivity was up in the second half of last year. Luckily productivity is currently ahead of wage growth which is a good thing, but Bank of England forecasts are predicting wage growth to rise to 3% this year and to get ahead of productivity growth which is not so good. The path seems set for rates to hit 0.75% and the City is betting on this happening by May. 

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Home Funding provides a full range of risk solutions and advisory services for mortgage and asset finance markets in the UK and across Europe. Our experience and expertise are sought by lenders, originators, investors, buyers, sellers, regulators and government.  

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

We provide portfolio due diligence, underwriting and servicing oversight as well as risk surveillance and quality assurance. 

Risk Solutions

We support clients at every stage of the value chain in identifying the optimum solutions for addressing credit, capital and other risks. Our risk solutions include insurance, capital and debt structuring.


We draw on our extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of mortgages, from product design and distribution, origination, underwriting, servicing and funding through to securitisation to provide invaluable strategic and day-to-day advice to originators, lenders, investors and regulators.